Monday, February 7, 2011

The reviews are in: Threepenny's a hit!

The first weekend of The Threepenny Opera is over and the reviews are in! Here's what people are saying:

"This Threepenny Opera is a provocative but, above all, lively and thoroughly entertaining presentation. It is clearly the most successful and brilliant of the mid-season mini-productions that the Madison Opera has brought us. And it demonstrates the debt we owe to the directorship of Allan Naplan."
-John Barker, The Isthmus

"With a score by Kurt Weill, story by theater revolutionary Bertolt Brecht, and a translation by Marc Blitzstein, this "Threepenny" is smart, sardonic and utterly entertaining."
-Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times

"So here’s the good news and the bad news: the production is full of strong contributions and still manages to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts, but all seven performances were sold out before last Friday’s opening."
-Greg Hettmansberger, Local Sounds Magazine

"The production rises above potential artistic squalor while still reveling in the narrative’s seedy milieu. Threepenny’s wink-and-a-nod at the operatic genre, its audience and the social issues raised combine to create a work that masters its material rather than submerging beneath the weight of its parts."
-Mike and Jean Muckian, Brava Magazine: Culturosity

"'Threepenny Opera a Bankable Success'....Tracy Michelle Arnold is always wonderful in everything she does and she is wonderful in this role. Her cabaret twang is perfect for [Jenny] and she's a lot of fun to watch."
-Bill Wineke,

"This weekend at the Overture Center, Madison Opera’s production of “The Threepenny Opera” will surely transform any predispositions about the art form with its entertainingly powerful message, wonderfully jazzy score and quirky humor."
-Katie Foran-McHale, The Badger Herald

"....Madison Opera's thoroughly engaging and stylishly energetic production."
-Jake Stockinger, The Well-Tempered Ear

Thank you to the enthusiastic audiences that came out for Threepenny this weekend and to those who've already filled up the The Playhouse for next weekend: it is your support that has made this run an incredible success already! We'll keep this page updated as more reviews come in, and if you'd like to learn more about Madison Opera's production of The Threepenny Opera, visit our website, view this list of recent preview articles, or check out photos from the final dress rehearsal.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Threepenny on Sunday and thouroughly enjoyed it - I really think that Tracy Michelle Arnold stole the show - she has such stage precence!