Monday, February 1, 2010

We've turned the screw, now it's time to fly!

Before we dive into The Flying Dutchman, here's a look at what the critics are saying about our new production of The Turn of the Screw, which had a four performance run in The Playhouse this past weekend...

"Richly theatrical...Gorgeous set and lighting designs make the story come alive while grounding it in fantasy." -The Capital Times

"It was brave and ambitious of the Madison Opera to choose Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw for its mid-season production...In all, an absorbing production of a thought-provoking opera." -The Isthmus

"...the company knows how to mount a big production on a small stage...[they] pulled it off brilliantly...My advice if you don't have tickets: Find a scalper." -Channel 3000

"That intimacy [of the Playhouse] amplifies fine performances and it was a pleasure to watch the singers practice their craft so near. Anyone with a heart will thrill to soprano Caroline Worra...Her performance as the Governess is exhilarating."

"...ghostly projections on the gauze-like screens sometimes slowed down the action to an otherworldly effect. It was powerful and original use of visual imagery..." -The Well-Tempered Ear

Thank you to our incredible cast and creative team--audiences won't soon forget this powerful production!

All photos by James Gill.

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Jesse said...

For the curious, you can read Maddie Greene's review at this link on Dane101.