Friday, March 27, 2009

Naplan named one of Madison's "40 Under 40"

Congrats to our General Director Allan Naplan for recently being named one of Madison's "40 Under 40" honorees for 2009 by In Business magazine. You can read all about it on the In Business site and on Words of wisdom from Allan:
Do what you do because you love doing it. While no one gets rich working in non-profit arts management, the reward of creating good art, inspiring creativity and making a positive impact on the culture of a community is something I love to do and something that goes well-beyond the paycheck.

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Laura Vlasak Nolen said...

Congrats to Allan! The quote is very inspiring. I hope all is well there in Madison. I really enjoyed working with the company and being a part of the Cosi cast.

Warmest Wishes,
Laura Vlasak Nolen